The Dirty Dozen: A European creators collective.

DIRTY DOZEN is an exciting new collective of twelve writers and producers from Germany, France, UK, Greece, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia.

Born from the second generation alumni of “Serial Eyes”, Europe’s first postgraduate TV writing & production programme, we have learnt first-hand from some of the most respected creators in the industry, including Frank Spotnitz (Man in the High Castle), Jimmy Desmarais (The Returned), Tom Fontana (Oz), Sven Clausen (The Eagle) and many more.

The first of its kind in Europe, DIRTY DOZEN specializes in the „writers room“ approach to television. We work both in groups of several writers and individually.

Since founding in 2015, DIRTY DOZEN has been gaining increasing attention and success. Our working relationships include Atlantique, Big Light, Studio Hamburg, Gaumont, X-Filme, HBO Europe, ZDF, Arte, Fremantle and others.

We are an experienced and diverse talent pool with one aim: To make great television!


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